The business opportunity we are partnered with means we work with a 38 year established company in the rapidly expanding health and wellness sector. Being a part of 360 and more, means that “yes” , you enjoy, use and recommend our product portfolio but really it is far more than that.

The community of like minded people involved are passionate about self development, committed to making a difference in their own lives and the lives of others and enjoy being part of something that is bigger than themselves.

Regardless of previous experience, current time availability and existing skill set there is a place for you within the team and full training, support and guidance is provided. In fact – it is the helping people achieve more than they initially believed possible that is the part we love the most.

“Being a Forever Business Owner has allowed me to work on a part-time basis in the Fashion Industry while pursuing my wider passions in life. I’ve trained as a Yoga teacher and learnt about all aspects of healthy eating eg preparing raw foods. I also now support others not just to feel healthy and enjoy a healthier life, but help them earn an additional income, building a life for themselves with the Forever Living Business model.”
I joined Forever because I discovered products that were perfect for my patients. Since then I have seen many excellent results and my patients come back for more. This has had the unexpected effect of bringing me more patients because of the results – with the consequence that now I am extremely busy. What I like is that when I am ready to let go of being a doctor I have a real solid way to build up my retirement income.

Dr Janeth Romero

After my daughter was born I didn’t want to return to the long hours of managing a busy retail store so I was looking for an alternative. When I came across the Forever business in a magazine I found in the library it seemed perfect. It’s allowed me to be in control of my life – I work part time as a manager and part time in my business around my two children.
The support in the team is amazing. My next step is to pay for riding lessons for my daughter and save for a family holiday in my country, Ethiopia


“This business has allowed me to travel to countries and places I never imagined I would. Budapest, Stockholm, Las Vegas, Hawaii and the Grand Canyon weren’t on my ‘wish list’. Forever has such good travel incentives I can go to 2 different places each year without ever having to pay for myself!”
When our son came along I decided to put my career as a Health & Safety Adviser/Trainer on hold to focus on raising our him. Forever played an integral part of that decision. It gave me the extra income of £350-£750 a month that enabled me to make that decision with peace of mind. This meant that I could pay for music lessons – guitar and piano; swimming lessons, initially one-to-one then club subscriptions and his football club subscription. More importantly, it meant I could be available to ferry my son, and very often a car load of his friends from one activity to the next. Without the extra income I would not have been able to be there for our son during his formative early years and for that I am grateful to Forever.


I have run my own beauty therapy businesses in Nigeria and in England for many years. When I came across the Forever products I knew instantly the quality and have been using and recommending them ever since. The extra income has helped to support the family through some very difficult times and even now, when I decided to return to university to get a degree, I couldn’t be without the products, the business and the fabulous support of the team.


“One of my most valued team members is a lady I sponsored through the products! It was I believe about 18 months before she joined, gradually buying and using more products from our fantastic range! Finally I said she would be better off having her own account which she said she would think about- AFTER she had purchased a clean 9 and some other products! Fast forward to today and she is a valued member of my team and part of the 360 movement.”
I was the position where my youngest child was starting reception in a year’s time and I had no intention of continuing child minding once he was no longer at home during the day.

I had gotten used to what I earned as a child minder so decided to cover what I earned from child minding with my Forever Business. I Got to work and I DID IT!!!


I started Forever because a friend showed me a good way to supplement my nursing income and have some good holidays – 5-Star, paid for by the company.
I absolutely love that the products make a difference to our health – we raised our girls with these lovely products. The income has sustained me through many changes in our circumstances. And the holidays….. exceptional, fun, amazing.


My background is in the Foreign Office. When I saw that redundancies were looming I did an RHS gardening course so I could run my own business – which I did after I’d been made redundant.
Last year, gardening with a client, I came across the Forever products and business. Already trained as a Beauty Therapist I fell in love with the products and knew I could supplement my gardening income. I’ve done exactly that so now, when I don’t want to garden or – like the winter – there isn’t any work, I have no worries at all. From the first month I’ve been making £200-£400 a month very part time and know I could go on to make more if I put in a little more effort. Let’s just keep it fun for now, shall we?
I love the training and personal development – and the team support. My future looks very rosy.