Imagine having an extra £360 every month in your own pocket. What difference would that make?  Imagine how well you would sleep!  Imagine waking up rested feeling good and having more energy for the family or to do the things you want and need to do.

Why £360 – because we know from that’s the first, life-changing amount.  We can show you how to earn that around the family, around your current commitments and while having fun and enjoying yourself!

“I wasn’t sure about starting. I knew I wanted to make money and I like to use good products for the children. So the first thing I did was start with the box of products because I knew we couldn’t go wrong there.  To my surprise, following the little challenges and games and even with the kids in tow, from my first month I’ve been in profit, making around £300-£400 a month.  I’ve done the same every month.  I’m saving for a holiday and have some of my own spending money.  When I’m ready I’ll grow this to a bigger business.  It suits me right now”

Lucy, London

And once the stress is off you find you’re sleeping well at night.  With a good night’s sleep comes the ability to see more clearly, feel happier, feel like you’re a nicer person all around and that you now have time and energy to take on the other responsibilities you have.

Now you can see your way to earning more money and make more choices about how you spend your time or perhaps pay off the car, the mortgage and save for holidays. And you can help others – showing other women how to make that little bit extra so that you can make a difference in other people’s lives – one woman at a time. You can bring hope, joy and restful nights to hundreds of other women…. It can even become a global business….Just by learning first how to do it for yourself.

We look forward to working with you, learning about you and your dreams – and working together to make them happen.

Please enter your details in the form with your telephone number so one of the team can contact you.  Generally, we text first so you can store the number and arrange a good time to call.

More Time

“I never thought I’d be able to leave nursing because I loved it so much. It was once I had my son that I realised I didn’t want someone else bringing him up. Now I have a successful business and I can also be a mum, too”

Get in touch and let’s show you how to use your time now so you can have more time later doing the things you want to do.

More Travel

“This business has allowed me to travel to countries and places I never imagined I would. Budapest, Stockholm, Las Vegas, Hawaii and the Grand Canyon weren’t on my ‘wish list’. Forever has such good travel incentives I can go to 2 different places each year without ever having to pay for myself!”

Get in touch and let us show you how you can start by making £360 a month, every month… And much, much more.

More Personal Growth

Imagine no more ‘ground hog’ days. You are part of a team where every day is different. You meet new challenges all the time – and you are part of a team who know what you’re going through.

You’ll find your confidence grows. This affects everything in your life: your family, your children and your friends. This is a great place to be if you’ve lost your confidence or direction. This business can give you back – you. We work with you so that the person in the mirror knows that she is enough. Get in touch and let us show you how

More Freedom

Do you want to choose how to spend each day? Do you want to choose how you spend your money? Do you want to have the time to travel? Just imagine you have time and money to do what you want…

Get in touch and let us show you how to work efficiently now so you can have the freedom you crave

More Purpose

Do you wonder whether you’re making a difference in the world? Do you wish you could help people, really help? Imagine being able to change someone’s life completely, feeling great because you have helped others to look and feel better. Imagine being able to change a family because you’ve brought hope into their lives. Imagine making a real difference.

Get in touch and let us show you how

More Fun

When was the last time, you had a really good belly laughwith tears running down you face? Life gets in the way and we find we’re just existing instead of living. We are made to have fun.

So, in 360AndMore we do! In fact it is in our mission statement! Get in touch and let us show you how!

More Money

“A little bonus each month from Forever, one of the incentives called Forever2 Drive, went into my mortgage instead of a car. This is on top of my monthly income! This allowed us to pay off our mortgage way before plan. Now we’re saving it for treats and that cruise we promised ourselves to see the Northern Lights.”
Dorothy and Nodge

Get in touch and let us show you how to make more money now – starting with £360 and more every single month – growing to much, much more if you want it to. Ask and we’ll show you how.

More Choices

What if you could choose which school you send your child to, the hours you work, when to go on holiday? What if you could choose a new house, a new car, to pay off your mortgage more quickly?

Get in touch and let us show you how.

More Belonging

Imagine feeling that you are part of something special, that you are a valued team member and you matter

Life can sometimes feel lonely even when you’re amongst friends. In you are in business by yourself and you are part of a team where we support each other in good times and in bad. You’ll discover that you are NOT on your own. You now belong and can feel assured that its not “you” any more but “us”. Get in touch and let us show you


“I like being part of Forever because it’s such a good business opportunity with such good quality products. I’ve had a lot of fun and met a lot of people. I’ve learnt a lot – my goodness I’ve learnt a lot! And I’ve found a way to supplement and then to replace my gardening income. I love being with the team who are encouraging, helpful and set me on the right track. I enjoy attending the events which are always encouraging and inspirational. “

Linda, Kent

“I am so excited to be part of this team because it means I can build my own business. I have been working in my husband’s business for so many years – and really want my own. I love the way everything is geared to help me to learn and to achieve my own goals. I’ve had so much fun and support and can see that I’m going to be able to achieve way more because of the way we all work together. “

Carleen, london