The business opportunity we are partnered with means we work with a 38 year established company in the rapidly expanding health and wellness sector. Being a part of 360 and more, means that “yes” , you enjoy, use and recommend our product portfolio but really it is far more than that.

The community of like minded people involved are passionate about self development, committed to making a difference in their own lives and the lives of others and enjoy being part of something that is bigger than themselves.

Regardless of previous experience, current time availability and existing skill set there is a place for you within the team and full training, support and guidance is provided. In fact – it is the helping people achieve more than they initially believed possible that is the part we love the most.



It takes just a few hours a week to share your experiences with our fantastic range of products within your immediate network and local community. This way you will begin to develop your own private customer base.

Following the simple training we have in our team you will soon have the skills and confidence to generate yourself some serious additional income, make lots of new friends and start to feel in control again and back up on top.

Expected earnings around £360 per month

Team Builder

As you gain confidence and find your feet within the team you’ll find that people will ask whether they can join you.

Quite naturally you’ll start to introduce the opportunity to others. As more people start to show their interest in your success then more people will look to join your team. As you share with them some of the skills that were shared with you and they start to develop their own private customer base then you get to share in that success also.

Expected earnings £500-£1,000 per month

Group Leader

The sky is the limit within the way that work and we have dozens of success stories in which people have grown their own communities to the point of developing their own private organization of like minded people who all share in the same ambition. Group leadership means delivering trainings, organizing events, public speaking and developing resources to support newer team members. With this increased responsibility comes significant rewards with many group leaders generating very serious full time incomes with part time work hours and huge flexibility.

Expected earnings Uncapped!

Dorothy Norris

It took my friend 5 years to get me to look at Forever.

I loved my work as an independent midwife, able to give couples individual attention and continuity throughout the pregnancy, birth and the postnatal period. I was passionate about ensuring women were in charge of their whole experience. So much so that I had role-swapped with my husband who completely took over the family and home responsibilities so that I could be called out at a moment’s notice 24/7.

In my 50’s I could see my midwifery career coming to an end and I still needed an income and a pension.

I started with Forever reluctantly and with huge scepticism. To my surprise and joy I found a company based on ethical principles and values that match mine. The company are extremely generous and we have won holidays and trips abroad that weren’t even in my goal book!

I work with an amazing group of women (and a few men!) and, together, we love to be able to change the lives of people around us with exceptional health products and a commission structure more generous than I have seen anywhere else.

Tel: +44 7904 010259
Skype: dorothynorris01

Sandra McKenzie

After 30 challenging years in retail and two redundancies I decided I never wanted to work for anyone else again. I explored owning a Franchise and realised how much it would cost, how much I’d have to borrow from the bank and how much hard work it was!
When I found Forever it was an easy decision. I immediately saw the benefits in starting a business with such low start-up cost, products that were known worldwide and a company with a longstanding successful history.

The products have given me great health benefits and possibly saved me from a couple of operations! I have grown as a person and I have made great friends.

I love working with these women because we have been through a lot together and shared many fun times! I am looking forward to achieving our dreams together as we help hundreds achieve theirs!

Tel: +44 7816 173890
Skype: Sandra.mckenzie24

Liselotte Rolander

I have been with Forever for 6 years and achieved the Manager Position in June 2013.

Initially, as a homeopath, I was only interested in purchasing the products at a wholesale price and I was really happy to hear there was no obligation to buy products monthly if I didn’t want to. I noticed that some of my patients had better results when they combined the aloe products with homeopathic remedies.

Once my youngest child went to school I looked in to the actual earning potential with Forever. I got inspired, set a plan and got working. I’m proud to say I reached my first goal 10 months later.

I am very impressed with the quality of our products and all the benefits people get from them. The ‘£360 and more’ is a very exciting project and I believe this very much what Forever is about. To help as many people as possible achieve that extra bit in their life, help them take charge and start a transformation.

Tel: +44 7989 970 729
Skype: liselotterolander
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Dr Janeth Romero

I work full time as a private doctor and homeopath mostly to the Spanish-speaking community in London.

I started with Forever simply for the products. Knowing the benefits of aloe vera, I wanted to use it for my patients. The Forever products have the purity and quality of the raw plant I had been looking for.

I noticed immediate improvements in the health of my patients who use these products so I enquired how to make my passion with the products into a business where more people would benefit.

Working with this team has inspired me to build a small team of my own in several countries, alongside my very busy medical practice. I am passionate about helping people to use nutrition and remedies to improve their health. I also love that we are able to help people to make a little extra income and have seen my own income from Forever grow as a result.

I’m looking forward to making a difference in many more lives.

Tel: +44 7950903332
Skype: fernando83534

Heli Laurikainen

I came into Forever while working as a nurse in London with two small children and a husband also in nursing. We had very busy lives and there was very little time for anything else but I saw how I could make a little extra money to pay for swimming lessons for the girls and our holidays back to Finland.

We returned to Finland to build our dream home in the forest with my parents and currently live between Finland and England. My husband and I are still nursing because it’s a career we love. Forever has made the extras possible. The other things Forever has given me are personal development that I never expected, holidays beyond my imagination and a team that supports me every step of the way.

I love working with this team and the 360&More project because that’s where I started: just making a little extra. Sometimes other priorities have taken over and then we come back to Forever. The team has always been here for us. This has certainly enriched our lives and the lives of those in our own team.

I’m thrilled to be part of this project and looking forward to the many lives we are going to be able to enrich as we move forward.

Tel: +44 7575 929229  |  Finland: +358 40 5569300
Skype: heli.laurikainen

Roli Ashison

After 15 years of working in the corporate world as a Health & Safety Adviser/Trainer and assisting my husband build a successful retail business, I longed for the freedom to be able to spend time with my young son and to be in control of my life, be debt free and be in a position to determine when and how I worked. I wanted freedom and flexibility. I definitely did not want to work from nine to five or to report to anyone.

I first discovered Forever through one of their products and quickly realised that apart from the amazing product range, they offered a fantastic business opportunity too. I loved the marketing plan. Here was a business that worked on the principle of everyone helping each other. I could grow the business to whatever size I wanted to and I could also extend internationally if I wanted. I have the option of earning just a few hundred a month or aiming for thousands. The choice is mine.

My mission is to help women cultivate their self-worth and net-worth by providing them with the skills and tools they need to be able to make a significant financial contribution to their lives and those of their families. I believe an extra £360 & more a month will help them to achieve this and it will give them a measure of financial independence, time and the flexibility to take care of their families on their own terms

Tel: +44 7748 677827
Skype: roli.ashison

Jackie Hannam

My professional life has been working on the creative and technical side of the fashion industry. It’s a challenging industry wonderful to be able to create desirable products for customers

It is, however, extremely stressful and it was only when I developed health challenges that I realised a stressful life played a huge part in my condition.  When introduced to Forever I started taking the aloe drinking gel (I had heard it was high in nutrients). Within months I began to feel the benefits…I became passionate about informing others about how they too could benefit. 

Working with Forever has enabled me to work part time in the Fashion industry while pursuing my dream of helping women to be healthy and live a healthy lifestyle.  I’ve been able to spend more time with my mother and build my working life around my own interests.

I’m enthusiastic about this team because we are committed to helping women to achieve optimum health and empowering them to earn an income that will make a real difference in their lives.

Tel:  +44 7813 816364
Skype: jacquline.hannam

Linda’s Story

My background is working for 4 years in a bank then in London for a major Civil Service department. I had a great time for 30 years…. until the regime of staff cuts began. The whole ethos of the Civil Service changed and I struggled with the new ways of doing things which didn’t fit in with my ideas of fairness and treating people well.

When a redundancy scheme was announced, I grabbed it with both hands. I had already prepared for my exit by studying gardening at evening classes and was able to begin my new self-employed career straight away.

I thoroughly enjoy working outside and have met some lovely people as my customers. But it is a physically demanding job and has taken a toll on my health. The opportunity to switch some of my efforts to Forever and build a business which is not so physically demanding or weather dependent has given me a new lease of life. Forever ticks the fair-minded ness and the ethos boxes so I feel comfortable with the company and I believe 100% in the quality and effectiveness of the products.

The opportunities to progress and build a stable business are there for everyone. Being in control of my life and also having fun is just the best combination for me.


“I like being part of Forever because it’s such a good business opportunity with such good quality products. I’ve had a lot of fun and met a lot of people. I’ve learnt a lot – my goodness I’ve learnt a lot! And I’ve found a way to supplement and then to replace my gardening income. I love being with the team who are encouraging, helpful and set me on the right track. I enjoy attending the events which are always encouraging and inspirational. “

Linda, Kent

“I am so excited to be part of this team because it means I can build my own business. I have been working in my husband’s business for so many years – and really want my own. I love the way everything is geared to help me to learn and to achieve my own goals. I’ve had so much fun and support and can see that I’m going to be able to achieve way more because of the way we all work together. “

Carleen, London