Dorothy Norris’s Story

I came into Forever Living reluctantly over 15 years ago: 5 years after being introduced to the company and its products. I had been a midwife for well over 30 years and had loved the career: my passion was to help women to have their birth their way in a safe, secure environment. Often that was at home. Postnatal care … Read More


Imagine how it would feel… To have all the time in the world To travel, to spend time with family and friends To indulge in your favourite pastime To have that house in the sun. Imagine how it would feel… To never be made redundant To be totally debt free To be iin control of your own future Imagine how … Read More


When I came across this company I was mainly curious! I was curious about the products and curious about what sort of company this really was. So many people were raving about it on Facebook. I had never heard of it before I met Dorothy Norris at a networking event in Blackheath. I wasn’t looking for another business. I already had 2! … Read More