Is It Really Different?

Is Network Marketing Different from Any Other Business? Today I was talking with a group of women.  Some of them already run their own businesses while others are thinking of leaving their jobs to run theirs. It was a mastermind event where we shared ideas, struggles and tips. The question they had for me was “Is network marketing different from … Read More

Did I Believe It Would Work?

Did I believe Network Marketing could work and give a serious business income? Absolutely? – Yes! By the time I started I had done so much research that I knew the concept of network marketing was sound. While you can find the good, the bad and the ugly in any industry the concept is robust.  I grew up in a … Read More

7 Tips For Choosing A Company To Work With

How Did I Choose The Company I Work With? I had been ‘pursued’ for 5 years before I agreed to look at a presentation. I had a business I loved.  I was passionate about my work and happily on-call 24/7.  It was my choice, my calling. It was utterly fulfilling.  I had no need for extra income, no desire to … Read More

What Has Network Marketing Given Me?

What Has Network Marketing Given You? I was asked a couple of days ago. I didn’t need to give it much thought because a couple of years ago when I was struggling with self-motivation my then coach suggested I do a mind-map of what I loved and what I hated about our company. I started with what I hated and … Read More

When is the Right Time?

One thing I come across regularly, both with other people and myself, is that we say “The time isn’t right just now…. When X happens I will do it!” What ‘X’ Is depends on who you are and what your dreams or goals are. The thing is that there will NEVER be a Right Time… Or perhaps NOW is the right … Read More

Thoughts on Business

  This week we have one of our monthly get-togethers for women who are in business and I’ve been thinking about how different it is to run a ‘normal’ self-employed business compared to my self-employed network marketing business. I have experience of the former.  As an independent midwife running my own practice I know that feeling that you can never … Read More

Why Goal Setting Doesn’t Work

I have been trying to avoid writing this post – my house is clean, my desk is tidy, the bins are out, the birdseed is topped up, the fireplace is clean and re-laid. Today is a JEDI day – in my business coach’s words:  Just Effing Do It I must do the blog! It’s the beginning of January. Resolutions have been … Read More

Why 360?

I stopped Looked around And realised…. Some people are ambitious and want to make £thousands and possibly £millions. At one time that was me. I discovered that not many actually do it because we aren’t prepared to make the sacrifices. We aren’t prepared to work the hours, miss out on time with the family, work consistently hard for the years it … Read More

Jacquline Hannam’s Story

I’ve always been interested in how to increase my energy levels naturally. I like to support my body towards optimum health and wellness; understand how to make sure that I absorb more of the essential nutrients from the foods I consume and how to minimize the risk of inflammation and oxidation (which we now know accelerates aging and ill health). … Read More

Dr Janeth Romero’s Story

I trained as a doctor in Venezuela and also, when I came to London, as a homeopath. My passion has always been to help people. Currently I work in a very busy medical/complementary therapy practice in London. I was brought up with and had always believed in the benefits of Aloe Vera. Imagine my excitement when I came across Forever … Read More