Did I Believe It Would Work?

Did I believe Network Marketing could work and give a serious business income?

Absolutely? – Yes!

By the time I started I had done so much research that I knew the concept of network marketing was sound. While you can find the good, the bad and the ugly in any industry the concept is robust.  I grew up in a community where people sold to each other, where friends and relatives helped each other to develop and grow their individual businesses and where people were happy to connect friends to others who might help them.  Business is like a spider’s web in the connections and interconnections – the network.

Apart from that, by now I’d met several people who had made a career of network marketing and were clearly earning a good income. I’d also met people who’d chosen not to continue with network marketing.  They could be seen as ‘failures’ though mostly, as I got to know them, their business didn’t grow because they chose not to attend training or put in the time and effort it takes to grow a business. Not everyone is right for any business or profession.


Did I believe I could make it work for me? 

To be honest: yes…. And no.

Yes, otherwise I wouldn’t have started.

No was later, after I’d started, and the business wasn’t growing as fast or in the direction I expected. Over time I’ve managed to realise that the set-backs in a network marketing business are like the setbacks in any business.  Getting any business off the ground and bringing in a good income takes time, consistency, attending training, networking and needs a good sense of humour.

Network marketing is different in many ways to other businesses though in essence the initial work is the same.  The need to take time to learn or attend training is the same. The need to believe in yourself is the same.  The need to work through the down times is the same.

I needed to create an income that would last into old age and I was determined.  I read massively and knew that all I had to do was commit time and effort consistently and the business would grow.  That was the same with my previous business: hours of training, hours of persistent work had grown me an excellent business.  I was, however, tired of exchanging time for money and needed this new business model.

I started very ‘gung ho’ only to find I was putting people off with my enthusiasm.  Mmmm… not what I was expecting.  I decided to attend training and learn this new way of doing business.

I think the best exercise ever was the one given by one of our trainers who set us the task of meeting up with friends each week to ‘collect’ the answer ‘no.’

It released me to get back in touch with people I’d been meaning to get in touch with for ages and taught me to let people make their own decision about whether they’d like to buy from or work with me. I was focussed on collecting the ‘no’ and enjoying my friends for who they are.

I positively revelled in the fact that meeting friends was ‘work’. I’d phone to make a catch-up appointment, apologising at the same time that I had another agenda – to show them a video/presentation and ask them to say ‘no, I’m not interested.’ Everyone agreed to meet and amongst them I found the few who joined me in business and others who wanted to use the products.

Business grew from there – down sometimes and gradually up again further than before.  I began to enjoy the journey and the view from the valleys as well as the mountains. And am I glad I persisted.  We now have an income that supplements my pensions. The mortgage is paid off, we can travel when we want to, I can enjoy looking after my grandson 2 or 3 days a week without worrying about the extra expense.  I also have work that is worthwhile – I still show others (mostly women!) how to make a little extra income every month that can grow to a substantial amount if they choose to get into training and show others too.

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