7 Tips For Choosing A Company To Work With

How Did I Choose The Company I Work With?

I had been ‘pursued’ for 5 years before I agreed to look at a presentation.

I had a business I loved.  I was passionate about my work and happily on-call 24/7.  It was my choice, my calling. It was utterly fulfilling.  I had no need for extra income, no desire to change, no interest in looking at a side-business and no time.


I realised that I had very little pension.  In my 50s, the sole income earner for the family I had planned inadequately for the future.  I asked my pension provider what I had to do to have a pension of £2000 a month.  The reply: save half a million pounds into your pension pot or work till you’re 85 paying in as you are now.  I had no way to save that much and, horrified at the thought of working into old age, I was willing to look at anything.

One option amongst several I looked at was Network Marketing. I agreed to the presentation.

I liked the idea.  I come from a part of the world where friends and family work together in business to help each make a good income. I had no preconception of ‘pyramid scheme’ – I could see how this thing could work.

If there was one company, there were bound to be many. I immediately went to work to research others. I found there’s the good, the bad and the ugly – and I wanted excellence.  If I was going to recommend a business and products to anyone – it had to be the best I could find.

I went to presentations, I watched videos, I tried products and I investigated the company background.  A cousin who is a lawyer did company searches for me.

These are my top tips for deciding on a company to put your time and effort into if you want to be sure of a good, long-standing, pension-style income.

  1. Decide where you feel most comfortable: health products, IT, delivering  catalogs. Are the products ones you’d use yourself, so you can recommend them whole-heartedly?
  2. Choose a product people already know and use. I chose products that get used up so customers need more – monthly if possible.
  3. How old is the company? I wanted a good track record and growth over time. Most companies fold within the first 5-10 years and I wanted a pension.
  4. Is the company international? I looked to see how many countries they had offices – meaning the company had been approved to trade in those countries. Not just which countries they sold products to.
  5. Is there a good product range? If there aren’t many products you’ll find yourself running out of what people can buy.  For example, in my company there are products in the Health, Beauty/Male Grooming, Sports/Fitness, Animal, Personal Care fields so I can choose to specialise and can also branch out into other areas. It also means my customers can expand the range of their purchases, meaning I need fewer customers and still make a good income.
  6. Can you make a good income through personal sales even if you don’t recruit?
  7. Does the company have good training and support you can attend even if your sponsor turns out to be ‘naff’?

Once you decide:

Get the kit.

Get started. Don’t look to the right or left.  You’ve made your decision and the truth is you can make a good income with every company as long as you work and stay consistent.

Get into training. There isn’t a magic formula – like any business you need to learn what to do, you need to put in the hours, you need to be persistent.  The product does not sell itself! You need to remember this is business – you put in the work first and eventually you will be paid more than you hoped for.

Sometimes it feels like you aren’t making progress. Set small goals first – make £200.  Be proud of yourself. Then scale up and make another £200.

Did I believe it would work?.… that’s a tale for another day.

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