When is the Right Time?

One thing I come across regularly, both with other people and myself, is that we say “The time isn’t right just now…. When X happens I will do it!”

What ‘X’ Is depends on who you are and what your dreams or goals are.

The thing is that there will NEVER be a Right Time…

Or perhaps NOW is the right time

I have all sorts of excuses that keep me from startiing:

  • Its not the right time
  • I’m afraid of making mistakes
  • I don’t feel like doing it
  • Others are better than I am at it.

To start anything new is scary and because it is scary I don’t do it.

It is essential for me to grow if I want to move forward and make progress.  I grow by doing the things I’m scared of!

I know this, I tell myself this often and yet,

I wait for inspiration before I start.

I found this recently when I was procrastinating and not doing enough to grow my business.

I had a meeting I was supposed to go to but I almost didn’t.

I really didn’t “Feel like it’ but I knew I needed to do some activity to grow.

So, I made myself.  I went to the meeting and as a result of going to the meeting I didn’t feel like going to was 3 new customers and I  a possible new partner!

I walked away feeling awesome, really inspired and have continued doing a lot more IPA’s (Income producing activities) and new feel soooo much more inspiration and ready to do stuff.

I wouldn’t have met these new people if I hadn’t done what I didn’t feel like doing that day.  And I wouldn’t have the inspiration I feel now if I hadn’t just done it (even if I didn’t feel like it!).

I’m really glad I did!

What I’m trying to say is that if you are thinking of working with us NOW is the time to ask… get started and then see results you will feel happier and more inspired.

Get going and the inspiration will arrive!

With that in mind the right time to start is NOW.

You will find the time if you really want the change. If you are not sure how to do it then ask the person who invited you to this page to help you set a plan.

Or  Call me, Liselotte:  07989 970729