Thoughts on Business


This week we have one of our monthly get-togethers for women who are in business and I’ve been thinking about how different it is to run a ‘normal’ self-employed business compared to my self-employed network marketing business.

I have experience of the former.  As an independent midwife running my own practice I know that feeling that you can never take time off:  if you don’t work you don’t get paid.  I know the feeling of wanting to stay curled up in bed when I didn’t feel well, knowing that if I didn’t get up, put myself out and get on then other people would be let down and I know the loneliness: the feeling of being totally responsible for my own business.

I know the feeling of having to work all hours at the beck and call of your customers because you want good reviews and referrals. I know the feelings of panic when you look a few months ahead and there are no bookings and then you daren’t turn someone down even if what they want seems a little unreasonable for fear that you won’t get enough work to pay the bills.

More recently I’ve been watching women who run their own mail-order business where they sell ‘stuff’ -always exceptional products – and been amazed at how much stock they are holding at home.  What an investment!  What an invasion of your own home!  And what a pain to have to package everything to take to the post-office and send.

With my network marketing I have a handful of customers who I look after like my best friend, I never need carry more than a little stock because the company will package in the warehouse and deliver to my customers.

And the gift of Network Marketing is Leverage:  I help other people to make money.  They each look after a few customers who get really good service.  The company pays me a small percentage of that turnover as payment for helping to expand their business. It is worth my while to make sure each of the people I recruit are happy, making money and enjoying what they are doing.

Now I can take the day off when I need to.

I know that I don’t have to work long hours.

I don’t have to fill my house with stock.

I can choose who I work with. No loneliness as we work in teams.

This has been such a blessing to me and our family – I love working with women to show them how to make that little extra so they don’t have sleepless nights worrying about how to pay the bills.

If you know one of them, please contact me – or fill out the form HERE – or phone me 07904 010259 to get all your questions answered.