Sandra McKenzie’s Story

After 30 years of working in a retail environment I felt burnt out. As a merchandiser I likened myself to a cross between a politician and Mystic Meg! I was given a budget, several millions, and had to work through a range of products with my buyer and give my best take on the way the range would perform. So I made promises during a 3-hour presentation/grilling. Once the catalogue went live fashions could change, goods could be lost- so many factors could affect my forecasts, and they usually did! It could be very stressful and I remember having these presentations on Christmas eve and then sleeping through Christmas!

My family is big and means a lot to me but I did not get to spend much quality time with them.

Then redundancy came and I was out of a job.

My second job lasted 3 ½ years. It was much less stressful. It was a smaller company and I was able to carve out what I thought was a great career for myself by taking responsibility for some of the departments we dealt with. Unfortunately for me the boss had different ideas and wanted me to take on most of the admin duties while the boys went out to play! I knew this would not look good on my CV and after a long conversation we decided on a parting of the ways. I was gutted because I had developed great relationships with the various departments and could come and go as I pleased. I could not face being office bound again.

Being made redundant coincided with an operation I was due to have so I ended up spending time recuperating.

When stared looking for another job my heart was not in it. At interviews the workload seemed never ending- I did not want to go back to long hours and lots of stress to line other peoples’ pockets!

I thought I would try my own business And decided to try property developing, but I ended up spending a lot of money just ” learning” how to do it. It seemed too risky for me so I decided to knock it on the head.

I then looked at franchises, but again I thought the outlay was too high and you had to pay monthly for the name regardless of how much you earned!

Sandra Badminton

A card through my door led me to Forever. I was sceptical but my sister told me I had nothing to lose by making enquiries! I was immediatSandra Badmintonely intrigued as it would be my own business, but because it was under the umbrella of a multimillion pound company I had access to loads of trainings and support so I would not be alone.

I saw a marked improvement within the first few weeks of drinking the gel! My skin was so much clearer and I had more energy. Within a few months my joints were so much better that I could go back to playing my beloved badminton again!

I love travel and have been on some amazing holidays, and I actually hit my first promotion while on a Caribbean cruise! One of my sisters was celebrating her 50th birthday and it was our first cruise We had a fabulous time with great food and lots of laughs.


I was on the verge of being promoted, it was nail-biting and I’d left my mentor in charge of my business! As we were sailing into St Kitts- this is true I swear! a customer rang with a large order! I emailed to my mentor who placed the order and I was promoted. I doubt there are many people that get promoted while on holiday!

What Forever has given me is fun, friends, personal development – and an income. I celebrated an important birthday with my sister and now we now have those priceless memories. I have a sister who lives in Panama and was able to spend her 70th birthday with her! In my “old” life I would have had to take my holidays when I was told to.

I have made some strong friendships in my Forever journey and am excited about the future. Sharing our hopes, fears, disappointments and successes has made us stronger and wiser! I am so looking forward to helping the team grow and succeed.

I love the 360&More vision and can’t wait to help others to achieve what I have and much, much more. The future looks bright. Bring It On!

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