Liselotte Rolander’s Story

In 2009 I was working as a Child minder at the same time as running my homeopathy practice and looking after my children who were then 2 and 6. Life was very busy at that time and I felt I had absolutely NO time to start anything new.
When I met Dorothy at a networking event I was intrigued about the aloe products as I thought they could be useful to my homeopathy patients. I was far too busy to look in to the Business Opportunity that came along with the products.

I set up my own account with Forever and proceeded with my busy life, with the small addition of recommending the Aloe products to friends, family and other people around me. I was VERY pleased with the results and soon found myself earning a couple of hundred pounds extra monthly without even trying that hard.

I have never liked the idea of selling but found that I could easily recommend the products to the people around me as I was very impressed with the quality. People were even asking me if they could give my details to their friends who also wanted some of the products!


This continued for a couple of years and then I came to a point in my life when my circumstances changed. My child minding business was something that I had started because I wanted to earn some money while I was home with my youngest son and to be able to drop off and collect my eldest from school.

In September 2012 I realised that, in a year’s time, both my children would be at school and I would still need to be child minding to make a living that worked around school days and school holidays!

To look after other people’s children in my home when MY children were not there was something I really didn’t want to do. This was when I realised that I already had my hands on something truly remarkable, I just had not seen it yet!

I started looking in to the actual business I was involved in. I found that if I put my mind to it I could earn the same from that as I was with the child minding! I absolutely Loved that idea because it would provide me with a good income, and at the same time create more TIME in my life to do what was important to me.

I Decided to Decide to make a change.

Had a planning meeting with my sponsor, set a plan and got to work.

Instead of looking at what I had with Forever as a little thing I had on the side to provide me with a few hundred pounds a month I started to look at it as my Business where it was a JOB and made sure I did what I needed to do on a daily basis to make my business grow.

It WAS Hard work for 10 months (remember the children were still small and I already had 2 jobs…) I found the time to do the activities needed very much in the nooks and crannies of my days. I began to recruit and train a team.


By June 2013 my Forever business had grown significantly, I had a big team who were duplicating what I was doing and I had reached my goal to earn more with Forever than I did as a child minder!

At the end of that school year I could say Good Bye to that part of my life and I have never looked back.

One thing I had not even considered when I joined Forever and the Laser Team was the friendships I would develop. I was amazed with how friendly and helpful people were, and how much FUN we had when working together.

This is a business where team work is the key, I have always felt it important to help people, which is probably why I ended up helping people with their health in my profession.

In Forever we help people both to stay healthy with the products and we help by showing how they can solve financial situations or difficulties with the Business plan.

I am really excited about the 360& More plan as this is just what so many people need.


£360 extra monthly is just what many households need to stop the money ending before the month does;
£360 extra monthly could mean they are paying off their debt or it could mean that they can go for an extra holiday each year;
£360 extra monthly can mean they can start saving for private schools, that dream car or even top up their pension plan.
Most importantly, I can see how £360&more can provide many people with a peace of mind, a less stressful future and just that bit Extra in life.

The Vision to help 1000 families have a better life in the next few years is something that is close to my heart.

I know how Forever and The Laser Team has helped me turn my life around for the better, how it has helped me find more time both for ME (Yes, as a mum I’m finding some of that time too!) and for my family.

It is lovely to be there for my children before and after school, to be able to attend sports days and school trips without asking a boss for the time off.

And, knowing that during the school holidays my childcare is covered is priceless!

I want to show other mums a way to have all that – and more.