Jacquline Hannam’s Story

I’ve always been interested in how to increase my energy levels naturally. I like to support my body towards optimum health and wellness; understand how to make sure that I absorb more of the essential nutrients from the foods I consume and how to minimize the risk of inflammation and oxidation (which we now know accelerates aging and ill health).

I’d started juicing fruit and vegetables and became vegetarian over 40 years ago. At that time juicing was a little strange to most people but I had a real passion and drive to pursue healthy habits. I love food and discovering the variety of foods from around the world especially those that supply my body with the optimum amount of nutriment so I have the energy to live life to the full.

My mother had always talked about Aloe Vera, or Single Bible as she called it. Apparently my grandfather would strip back the outer green skin of the plant and eat the flesh! I was never very clear about what the actual benefits are for one’s health.

When I came across the Forever drinking gel I started to discover the secrets! I began to learn about the numerous vitamins, minerals, enzymes and other compounds in this plant that the body uses to keep healthy.


I just had to try this for myself.

Becoming a Business Owner myself was a no-brainer. I wanted to benefit from the discounts!

So I now enjoy the benefits of a holistic approach to diet which always includes Forever drinking gel and supplements such as Bee Pollen, Bee Propolis and Maca.

These, combined with my passion for Yoga and the Yogic life style, have all played an important role in ensuring I have healthier body and active life.

As my energy levels increased friends and family noticed the difference in my appearance and would say ‘I want what you’re on’!! I started to earn an additional income by sharing the products with others who also want to improve their life and health.

A huge benefit of being a Forever Business owner Is that the income gave me the opportunity to review the fast-paced, demanding fashion industry where I was working. I was tired of working long hours with so little in the way of pension and security. My income from Forever has enabled me to work part-time while exploring my real passions.

I can spend time with my elderly mother and have trained as Yoga Teacher, a huge ambition of mine. I’m now studying nutritional courses and attend Raw food & juice Yoga retreats. All of these support the invaluable personal and product training offered by Forever to all their members.

It’s an exciting time in our team right now. I’m enthusiastic about working with the other members in this group on our 360&more project to help others to have what we’ve achieved: to earn an additional income that will make a difference.

We want to help you to create a life where you have more of what you want: time with family and friends, holidays, time at home, maintaining health and wellbeing or what-ever it is you desire.

Our aim is to help you achieve optimum health through Forever and empower you to earn an income that will make a real difference to you and your family.

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