Dorothy Norris’s Story

I came into Forever Living reluctantly over 15 years ago: 5 years after being introduced to the company and its products.

I had been a midwife for well over 30 years and had loved the career: my passion was to help women to have their birth their way in a safe, secure environment. Often that was at home. Postnatal care was my specialty, ensuring women had really good care for the first 6 weeks so they were really ‘set up’ and confident in their parental role.

Change had to came when I realised that I was nearing retirement age. I was not so good at being up all night as well as all day, not so good at being on call 24/7 and I didn’t have a pension. I had a mortgage, 2 girls going through university and a husband who stayed at home looking after everything so that I could go to work any time of the day or night.

I was reluctant and sceptical. I didn’t know how to sell and didn’t want to. I didn’t know whether I could build a team. Gradually I learned to love the products and, more than that, a company with ethics and values that match mine. I grew to love the way we work – helping others to earn extra income and to become healthier. I learned to sell products I could recommend because they’d made a difference to our lives and I built a team.


One of the stories I have about the company is from our fidorothy-rexrst company trip to the States. We were taken by chartered planes and coaches to visit and inspect the company offices, factories and fields.

We were introduced to Rex Maughan, the CEO who traveled with us on our tour and made time for a photo and conversation with each of us.

On our visit to the aloe fields I was sure that the workers near the coach were all primed to tell us what the company wanted us to hear. I was determined to hear the truth so marched off across the field, closely followed by my husband and the vice president of the company, who was escorting us on the trip. He was running after us to translate for the worker who, having seen us coming towards the group where he was working, was coming towards us.


The worker shook my hands, then my husband’s hands saying, ‘Thank you, thank you, thank you for distributing my aloe.’

‘What do you mean’ I asked.

‘Look,’ he said. ‘I love working with this company. One of the reasons is that when I pick a really good, mature, fat aloe leaf and the inner gel goes into a bottle that you supply to your customer I know that when they drink that gel I have made a difference to so
meone’s health. I want to thank you for supplying customers. It keeps me in a job and I know the aloe is making someone healthier. Thank you.’

That was just one tiny incident among many other little incidents we had on that trip that grounded me with this company. I got to see that they love to make a difference in people’s lives. The pay is generous, the working conditions araloe-workerse exceptional and it gave me the confidence to go out and make a difference in people’s lives, too. I have known since then that I’m in the right place.

Sadly, I don’t have many pictures of my early days with Forever because we didn’t take so many pics in those days before social media and smart phones!

I knuckled down for my first 5 years and created an income that is more than a good NHS pension which would have taken me 40 years to achieve. I was able to retire from midwifery and have received that income since – and more!

We’ve had lots of holidays and trips, with Forever paying the travel expenses and putting us up in 5* hotels. The mortgage is paid off, the girls have left home and I could retire and ‘live happily ever after.’

I know, though, that there are women who want change in their own lives and other women who are passionate in helping others, too. There’s plenty of room for all to join our mission to change women’s lives by showing them how to earn an extra £360 & More: much, much more. So I’m staying ‘in the game’ for as long as I can make a difference in just one more woman’s life.

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