When I came across this company I was mainly curious!

I was curious about the products and curious about what sort of company this really was. So many people were raving about it on Facebook. I had never heard of it before I met Dorothy Norris at a networking event in Blackheath.

I wasn’t looking for another business. I already had 2!

I WAS curious about the products. I had heard that the Aloe based products could be very beneficial.

It didn’t take long for me to start loving the products, especially the skincare. Soon I found that I didn’t want to use anything else – especially as it was soooooo good for taking my makeup off at night (and I promise, I had NEVER used soap on my face EVER before!).

As well as being a homeopath I was also working as a childminder which meant washing my hands a lot. Using the products I found that my hands weren’t as dry as they had been and I didn’t need moisturizers as much as before.

“So far so good,” I thought.

Then people around me started to comment that I was so much more bouncy and asking why I seemed less stressed! ”Drinking aloe vera does work, I though.,  I hadn’t been aware of the effects till they were pointed out to me.

The next significant step was when I started recommending the products to my patients animg_1472d they were all very happy, with the result that they were telling their friends who started asking if they could have some too!

And so, my retailing business started very much without me doing a lot.

I was cruising along like that for a few years: earning a few hundred pounds every month and not really taking it seriously.

The extra money helped though!

When my circumstances changed and I wanted to start earning more than a few hundred pounds a month I got to work properly and started to view this as my Business instead of a small thing on the side.

My work paid off and within 10 months I was earning more from my Forever business than I was from childminding.

So I stopped childminding to focus on my Forever business.  I could now spend time with my children before and after school.  I didn’t have to stress about cover for half term, and holidays or having to ask a boss for time off to attend the school assembly or when the children were sick.

Working from home, my garden, a cafe or a park gives me a wonderful flexibility and working on MY schedule is just amazing.

I love how this has changed my life for the better and I really can’t wait to help many more families earn £360 a month – and more – as soon as possible.

I know what a difference it made in my life and feel wonderful that I can help many others!

I’m looking forward to the many friendships I will make at the same time too.

Having so much fun together with people on the same mission is invaluable.

We’d love to have you join us on this journey – whether you want to make a few £hundred a month or a few £thousand – get in touch and we’ll make sure all your questions are answered